Paddy Docherty was educated at Oxford University, where he also won a Blue for boxing and was Junior Dean of Brasenose College. His graduate research into British imperial history led him to the North West Frontier and he travelled to Pakistan and Afghanistan in the winter of 2003 to research The Khyber Pass, his first book. Born in Scotland and raised in Gloucestershire in the west of England, Paddy has also lived in Africa, the Middle East and Central Europe. He has been a ranch hand, chef, oil & gas consultant, internet entrepreneur, shipbroker and investment banker. Previously at PricewaterhouseCoopers corporate finance and latterly a director of the oil & gas investment banking boutique Global Union, he has wide interests in business and natural resource politics throughout the world. Paddy is currently Chief Executive of Phoenix Africa Development Company, dedicated to building development businesses in post-conflict countries in Africa. He is also developing a TV series with Tigress Productions: Paddy’s Bank will follow the story of building a Phoenix Africa business, a microfinance bank in Southern Sudan. To view the taster for the series, please click here.