A Financial Times Book of the Year 2007 Shortlisted for the Longman/History Today Book of the Year Award 2008 The Khyber Pass is Paddy Docherty’s first book and tells the story of this legendary  mountain route and the centuries of invasions along its narrow width. To hear Paddy  discuss it on BBC Radio Four please click here. To download a printable summary of reviews of The Khyber Pass, click here.  “Whatever you do, read this book… fascinating and extremely ambitious…”          Literary Review “Excellent… Masterful… embellished with vivid reconstructions…”  The Spectator “…highly readable and informative… related with verve and considerable  understanding… John Buchan would have approved.”  Times Literary Supplement  “…fascinating reading, and Docherty’s excellent book is recommended to anyone  looking to get beyond their Carry On acquaintance.”  Sunday Herald  “The main achievement of Paddy Docherty’s book is to convey the importance of this  ‘strategic possession without equal’… There are plenty of fascinating tales along the  way.” New Statesman  To buy The Khyber Pass, please click on your preferred supplier: